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It can’t be real,

But at least I’ve started to hear John’s voice.

It was small at first, in the back of my mind. I focused on it as long as I could, as it could pass my time quicker here. Maybe make it a little easier for me, in the end.

His voice growing louder in my ear can only mean one thing, I think as I feel my consciousness start to slip away. My vision is blackening around the edges now, but that’s fine. I decide to close my eyes.

I’m feeling rather tired anyway.


"John?" I ask, but I don’t hear anything outside of my head. it’s pounding.

"Sherlock, pl…Wake up."

"I am awake.” I try to mumble but there’s nothing coming out of my mouth.

"Sherlock, it’s John, I’m here."

"Yes, I know it’s you, I can…”

Oh, I can smell him. It is John.

I can feel him.

And even if it wasn’t real. Even if it only meant that I met my end, that would be fine.

John’s here.